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January 2017

January 2017-New Feature!

Happy New Year!

Dog Of The Month

Each month we are choosing a client as our Dog Of The Month.  My first selection was so easy.  Beau was my first meet and greet ever.  Beau was a puppy when I met him.  He was 1 of 3 labs in their household and he is the only guy left.  He is a daily client, we see him Monday – Friday.  I have literally watched this guy grow up. James has done an extensive amount of work in their house so he knows Beau quite well.   When Beau’s family does not take him on vacation he comes to our house to stay.  Beau is really just an extended part of our family.  Please enjoy getting to know Beau Cannoni.

1.  What is your name, age, and where do you live?

My name is Beau.  I am 12 and I reside in Zelienople.

2.  What is your favorite food?

Anything, edible or not!

3.  Favorite pastime?

I enjoy sitting on my front lawn waiting and watching for people to woof at.

4.  What is your favorite time of year?

Winter, so I can make snow angels!

5.  Best vacation destination?

I love going to Hilton Head

6.  Favorite spot to snuggle/nap?

At the top of my stairs so that I can watch everything going on inside and outside.

7.  What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Where should I start?  I am a world-class thief.  I once stole two pieces of raw bourbon salmon off the counter.  I swallowed them whole before Mom could even run across the room.

Ok – I also have to add a Beau story.  He jumps in the UPS truck all the time.  He once ate the driver’s lunch and by lunch I mean bag and all!

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