APHC Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Since the summer of 2003, All Pet & Home Care has been a family owned and operated business. Over the past 16 years we have proudly provided safety and security for animals to remain in their own environment while their family is away.

Who should I contact for more information?

Maureen Laniewski manages all daily operations at All Pet & Home Care. Because we are a family run business, we are lucky to have our own family members contribute to our trained and professional staff. You may contact Maureen at scheduler@allpetandhomecare.com or 724-553-0514.

What types of pets do you care for?

Our primary clientele consists of dogs and cats. We can also care for your smaller animals; pocket pets, rabbits, hamsters, and we are more than happy to feed fish. We also have experience with exotic birds and horses, and welcome all new clients!

Which North Pittsburgh neighborhoods do you service?

All Pet & Home Care currently services the North Pittsburgh areas of Cranberry Township, Seven Fields, Franklin Park, Bradford Woods, Wexford, Sewickley, Mars, Gibsonia, Valencia, Evans City, Harmony, Zelienople, and some areas of Freedom and Baden. If you are close to any of these locations and would like to see if we can help you, please inquire with us at scheduler@allpetandhomecare.com or 724-553-0514.

What happens at a Meet & Greet?

A meet and greet is the first step in becoming an All Pet and Home Care (APHC) client. During the Meet and Greet, we will come to your home to meet you and your pets. We will show you a copy of our pet sitting insurance, fidelity bond, and give you a list of references. We will go through our discovery process regarding the care of your pet and home. After the Meet and Greet, you will be set up to use any services that you have chosen. The Meet and Greet takes about 45 minutes.

How do I schedule pet sitting?

To schedule a pet sitting visit, please call or email us at scheduler@allpetandhomecare.com or call us at 724-772-0127. Daily clients can set up their recurring schedule at the time of the Meet and Greet--then only need to notify us if cancelling.

How much experience do you have with pets?

The staff at APHC have life long experiences with pets. All of our employees have been pet owners. Maureen has 16 years experience in the pet and home care business ranging from elderly pet care, special need pet care, pets with allergies and also experience in caring for diabetic animals.

How much advance notice do you need when scheduling?

We need two weeks notice for any pet care service, if possible. We try our very best to accommodate last minute requests, as our schedule permits.

Will I always have the same pet sitter?

Typically you will have a small group of the same pet sitters who will all be familiar with your pet and home needs. For our daily service clients, we rotate our staff on a regular basis based on our pet sitter’s schedules.

Will you guarantee the time of your visits?

In the pet sitting business, every day is different, and there can be unexpected situations during pet or home visits that may arise. For this reason, we can guarantee a window of time rather than an exact time. For PUPPIES needing daily client services, you may choose the ideal time you wish for us to visit your home, and we will guarantee a 30 minute window before or after that time. For ADULT dogs needing daily services, there is an hour window on each side of your ideal time. For traveling clients an hour window also applies.

Do you charge extra for the holidays?

Yes we do. Please see our services page for holiday rates and time periods.

How long is a pet sit?

A normal pet sit is 30 minutes. You can extend the length of your pet sit, but additional charges will apply.

What do you do on a pet sit?

Our goal at APHC is to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible. Each time we visit a dog there is always outside time involved. For example, going on a walk or playing in the animals secured yard. The rest of the visit may involve feeding, administering medication, refreshing the water, and of course providing lots of love. For cats that do not have special needs we normally see them once a day. This visit includes scooping the litter box, refreshing the water, and of course feeding. The rest of the time is set aside for playing, brushing, or just sitting in our lap for cuddle time. While you are away, we will bring in the mail and newspapers, take out the garbage if needed, and will be more than happy to alternate lights upon request.

What privacy and security do I have if I leave my keys with you?

Your key is attached to a tag that only includes your last name. Your key is then alphabetized and kept in our office which of course is under lock and key. All employees have access to our office.

Do you provide your own waste bags?

Yes, APHC employees always have poop bags with them.

What does bonded and insured mean to me?

It means your pet and home are protected while you are not there. Pet Sitting Insurance covers the pet sitters in your home while you are away. For example, if we were to lose the key to your house our insurance would cover the cost of replacing the locks in your home. A fidelity bond (dishonesty bond) insures a business in the event that an employee steals from a client. If this happens, and the employee is found guilty of theft, the bonding company will pay for the stolen items.

What is our cancellation policy?

Our daily clients are free to cancel at will, there is no fee. For our traveling clients, cancellations must be made two weeks prior to your trip, otherwise you are responsible for the cost of the pet sitting.

What hours are you available?

APHC works from early morning into the evening. Morning visits are usually done earlier than 8am while late night visits take place after 9pm. We prefer to have clients tell us their ideal time for the pet sit and we will let you know if that time can be accommodated.

How is payment handled?

Daily clients will receive an invoice once a month. Payments are due 15 days after received. At this time we accept cash and checks only.

Do I tip my pet sitter?

Do I tip my pet sitter? Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated.

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