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June 2019 Blog-CBD Continued…

June All Pet Blog- CBD- Part Two Happy June, everyone! We made it to summer! I hope you found last month’s blog on CBD to be interesting and informative. I received some questions asking about the use for humans and I thought I would use this month to answer those. And to share some actual feedback we’ve received from clients and colleagues of All Pet.

First, though, I wanted to clear something. In last month’s piece I mentioned that CBD in oil form, in my opinion, is most effective. Although I have seen great results with oil in pets, transdermal lotions absorb faster and are very easy to administer by rubbing on inside of ear, or anywhere there is little fur.

For humans, vaping works very fast. The transdermal lotion is an effective option, as well as topical salves for specific joint or muscle pain. The transdermal lotion comes in various strengths. Each bottle contains 60 measured doses, or pumps. It is a great alternative to those who do not like or cannot tolerate the oil. It can be applied on affected areas, such as arthritic hands, or it can be applied to the neck for systemic benefits. The lotion base is a liposomal base used in pharmacies to deliver medications. A major benefit of the lotion is that it absorbs faster than oil. This makes it the best choice for seizure-prone or epilepsy patients, human or pet. For pets, the lotion may be rubbed on the inside ear flap or anywhere there is little fur, making it easier to administer. It also may be given during a seizure to reduce the severity and length.

There is a new product out by WAAYB Organics. It is a burn relief gel. It is made of all-natural products, such as aloe and green tea for their soothing properties, and 10mg/ml of CBD, which in this case provides pain relief, reduces inflammation and speeds healing. I have used CBD to heal cuts and burns in the past. I like to combine it with my other favorite product, colloidal silver ( for the fastest healing I have ever witnessed. I have been using PURE colloidal silver with my family and my pets safely for 10+ years without any side effects. Use as directed and be sure to purchase a pure silver, such as Sovereign Silver. In a pinch I have also mixed a drop or two of my CBD oil with some coconut or olive oil to make my own salve. It works great.

Since writing the last blog, we’ve had at least 10 new dogs, cats and humans start taking CBD, specifically WAAYB Organics. I hear a lot of stories sharing their successful results. I thought I would share a few. Joyce, a member of our All Pet family, called me right after the May blog came out. Her elderly Labrador, Dodger, was having a hard time getting up and walking. He was not sleeping well and seemed disconnected from the family. He would lay around in his bed and sometimes not get up with her in the morning. He also had a concerning lump on the inside of his ear. They didn’t know how much time they had left with him in his condition. Joyce wanted to try CBD oil with Dodger. I advised she give him two doses a day- one in the morning and one before bed. I also told her to rub a few drops on the lump in his ear. I advised that it could take a week or two before we got the results I was hoping for, so have patience. I also advised she start giving him raw goat’s milk, which she started the same day as the oil. Dodger had his first dose of CBD oil that night after we talked. Joyce called me the next morning, so excited, saying he slept through the night, got up on his own and came to the kitchen with her for breakfast! He even wanted to play, which he hadn’t done in a while. After one week, she called to thank me on behalf of her entire family. They are convinced this has given him a second chance. They have also seen a substantial reduction in the size of the lump in his ear. We all are considering this remarkable!

We have a new client I had the pleasure of talking about CBD with before her first All Pet visit. Mick was stricken with vestibular disease this winter and was not doing well. I’ve been able to witness Mick’s progression on oil. It is wonderful to see this dapper 15-year-old Boxer mix doing so much better. He’s been on it for about 6 weeks. He is happier and steadier on his legs. It helps a lot with the general anxiety experienced by our elderly pets. Ducky, a furry member of Maureen’s family, was stung by bees last summer. This turned into a manic phobia of flying insects. They did not know what to do to help her. Maureen mentioned trying CBD oil. Ducky has been taking it for a month now. Her mom told me, “It’s been a complete turnaround in just a few weeks. I couldn’t have asked for better results.”

Another family dog, Ollie, is experiencing much less anxiety about new situations after 6 weeks on the oil. Congratulations, Ollie!

We have at least three people that started taking it in the past couple of weeks. Everyone is experiencing better sleep and feeling less aches and pains. It is so exciting to hear these stories about pets and people feeling better and getting to live their best lives. And it is so rewarding to help guide them. Especially since I know exactly how they feel! CBD truly has changed my life. I can remember the precise moment I realized it was working for me. And in each of my pets. That is when I knew I had to tell anyone that would listen about it! I’ve been told by friends (picked on, really!) that I could be an unpaid spokesperson for the products that I love. You should’ve seen me when the Ninja food processor came out. EVERYONE in my orbit heard about the wonders of the NEW Ninja! Hopefully this will not sound like a 2-month WAAYB Organics advertisement. We’re just proud to offer a product we love and believe in to the people and animals we love the most! As always, please let us know if you have any questions about anything you read. I hope you continue to have a great summer!

Best wishes!


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