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Dogs of the Month-September 2020

September’s Dogs of the Month are a brother/sister duo, named Bryson and Riley. They are sweet, lovable gentle giants who will make you laugh out loud! Their mom has been a longtime friend and client of All Pet and Home Care. Bryson and Riley have known and LOVE our own sitter, Jan, since they were brand new puppies. She is family to them. Enjoy learning about our dynamic duo!

1. What is your name, age, and where do you live?

We are Bryson and Riley. We are 4 years old. We were born May 16, 2016 on a farm near Moniteau High School. We are brother and sister and 10 siblings when we were born. We live with our human mom and dad who have four kids. Only one sister still lives at home.

2. What is your favorite food?

Definitely not the expensive dog food our mom buys us! (Rae says she’s going to help mom fix that though!) We prefer anything dad is eating. He shares things with us because we bug him until he does! (Rae and Jan can attest- these two are persistent!)

3. What is your favorite pastime?

We LOVE riding in our mom’s Jeep. They call it the dog car. Mom takes us three times a day and we’ve made lots of friends along the way. We cannot be walked because we will hurt our mom. We can’t resist birds and deer. We see them and RUN!

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Bryson: Definitely when someone is sitting on my end of the sofa!

Riley: I don’t have a care or pet peeve in the world. My family calls me “junkyard”. I could live anywhere and be happy.

5. What is your favorite time of year?

Bryson: I love summer and laying under the big tree near the sidewalk.

Riley: I would have to say winter when there is snow. My family says I am weird because for kicks and giggles I love to roll down our snowy hill outside going backwards! Doggie sled riding!

6. What is your favorite vacation destination?

Well we do “staycations” and the nice people from All Pet and Home Care take very good care of us. We love our home and love seeing our friends come in the side door to love and take care of us if our family goes away. “ Riley: I take a little extra time because I can’t see all that well and I don’t hear everything. But my family and my All Pet family take really good care of me, just like my brother Bryson does”.

7. Where is your favorite spot to snuggle/nap:

Bryson: After dinner Mom takes us on our final ride of the day. We hang out the window and see all of our friends. When we get home we snuggle in the family room with Mom.

Riley: I love when Mom rubs my belly and ears and tells me she loves me. Then I go to sleep in “my house” (between/under the barstools at center kitchen island!). Bryson: Once my sister is done loving Mom, I like to chew my braided twist then snuglle against her on the floor.

8. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Bryson: I would have to say when I got really anxious and bored and ate a wedding invitation. My mom had to have someone screenshot the information so she could RSVP and attend the wedding. Eventually I pooped out the invitation but Mom couldn’t read it!

Riley: Early on I mastered breaking out of the crate in the spare room. I then would use the twin bed as a trampoline, bouncing away until I got busted!

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