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Dogs of the Month-October 2020

Dogs of the Month- Matilda, Violet and Ronan H.

Our dogs of the Month for October are a beautiful pack of lively Shepherds who are definitely living their best lives! Read all about them.

What are your names and ages? Matilda age 9, Violet age 6, and Ronan age 9 months.

Do you have any other siblings? We have one human sister and three feline siblings- Molly, Pinto and Finnegan. Finnegan finds enough mischief for all 6 of us!

What is your favorite food? We all enjoy a big variety but particularly like our raw food!

What is your favorite pastime? We enjoy hiking with mom and swimming… We are headed to the lake for a few days this week and we are very excited! Matilda and Ronan are trying their hand at dock diving and Ronan is working towards a career in agility. Violet absolutely loves barn hunt!

What is your biggest pet peeve? Mom works from home and that might sound great but sometimes she’s too busy during the day and has to ignore us when we want to play. She always tries to make up for it during break time though.

What is your favorite time of year? Mom tries to make sure we have fun during all seasons but summer has to be the best! There’s never a shortage of hiking and swimming and the cats can be outside quite a bit.

What is your favorite vacation destination? Any place with water!

Where is your favorite spot to snuggle/nap? Our unanimous vote is Mom’s bed of course!

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done? Oh the stories we could tell about Finnegan! Although he is an indoor cat, once he managed to dig a hole through the basement wall and got out of the house. While he was out he caught a robin and brought it into the house for mom to find the next morning. Mom was not as happy with that present as we thought she would be!

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