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Dogs of the Month January 2019

Happy New Year Everyone! We have a real treat to start off the year-Beau and Vicka Zollett. Beau and Vicka came to us in 2018 after their family moved from the city to Cranberry. It was a big year for them because they not only got a new house to live in but a new baby as well! Busy times! On behalf of all of us at All Pet and Home Care we wish you a happy and healthy 2019!

What is your name, age, and where do you live?

Beau (short for Beauregard): My name is Beau. I am a three year old miniature poodle living in Cranberry Township, PA.

Vicka: My name is Vicka. I am a four year old standard poodle also living in Cranberry Township, PA.

2. What is your favorite food?

Beau: My favorite food? Uh, anything I can put in my mouth!! Because Vicka has stomach issues, the pickins’ are slim around here, but I love a juicy, meaty leftover bone with steak juice dripping off of it. I will fight for that food. I also enjoy apples, carrots and other healthy foods. And who doesn’t enjoy some good old peanut butter, right?

Vicka: Well, prior to having food allergies and being limited to bland, hydrolyzed kibble, I used to go nuts for hot dogs! I used to torture my owner’s girlfriend (now wife) and to get me to stop barking she would toss hot dogs at me! Ah, the good old days! Now, I am mostly limited to my kibble, but I get really tasty treats like apples, pears, blueberries and peanut butter sometimes.

3. Favorite pastime?

Beau: Rolling around in poop! Ok, just kidding (kinda). I love playing with Vicka. There is nothing more fun than torturing her. I constantly tug at her long ears and bite on her back legs. She is usually plays along, and if she doesn’t, I do it anyways. I also love getting affection from my owners (although that darn baby they had is getting in my way) and licking anything and everything in sight.

Vicka: I am a simple poodle, really. I enjoy the confines of my home and looking out the window. There is something peaceful in sitting behind the glass and watching the world go by (and occasionally barking at other dogs). I also LOVE to chase rabbits. Electric fences can’t stop me when I see one of those bunnies. I have taken off for hours (over the protests of my owners) chasing bunny rabbits. I haven’t caught one yet, but I will! Oh, and I almost forgot, I have recently taken interest in deer. I still haven’t figured out why they don’t want to play with me and Beau yet, but I will. Strange animals.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Beau: Getting stepped on. Yeah, I get it, I am small!! But really, can’t you stupid humans watch where you are walking?! Just because I am sleeping on your bathmat at 5am when you are going to the shower doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention and not step on me! Geez. And c’mon, you really didn’t notice me there under your chair while you eat?! Not buyin’ it. Pay attention stupid humans!

Vicka: Not having a luxurious bed to sleep in. I have always had the best beds, but as I get older, my owners seem to think the regular floor is good enough for me. Humph…I am a poodle for godsakes! I used to sleep in the bed with my human…and on the couch!! Thankfully, I at least still have a bed in the basement I can go to rest my tired bones after a long day of looking out the window.

5. Favorite time of year?

Beau & Vicka: (in unison) WINTER!! Not even close! Who doesn’t love that fluffy cold white stuff on the ground?! We put our big furry coats on to keep warm and chase after each other like pups in that stuff. Also, it covers up all of our old poos, so we jam our faces in the snow to try and find them and the smell. It really is an amazing game!

6. Best vacation destination?

Beau: Vacation? What is vacation? Vicka, do you know what that means?

Vicka: Ah, I got to go on a vacation once! We traveled by car to my owner’s parents house in Middletown, Ohio (I hear it is up there next to Hawaii as one of the great vacation spots in the US). At the time, I was a pup that had only lived in the City. This house had tons of green land and I ran like the wind. For some reason my privileges were revoked. I’m not sure why. I had found this great pile of animal excrement to eat and was having a grand old time. Still curious about that one, to this day.

7. Favorite spot to snuggle/nap?

Beau: The lap of a human being…any human being. Seriously, I don’t care if you are a stranger or I have known you for years. A close second…on the floor where the sun shines in during the day. I love to sunbathe!

Vicka: A bed. I don’t understand Beau sometimes. So uncivilized. We are poodles! Some think we are snobs, but I say we have class and taste. Give me a nice, cozy bed. Preferably a bed used by humans, or even a couch, but a dog bed will suffice, if that is all that is available.

8. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Beau: I chewed through the drywall at my owner’s apartment complex when I was a pup. It was pretty impressive, really. I was so lonely when she was gone. So, I tried to get out. I used my teeth (which are large and spectacular) to chew through the walls. And I almost made it out! Not sure why that feat wasn’t more appreciated (shrugs). I also have a tendency to poop and pee in the house. What can I say…if ya gotta go, ya gotta go, right?!!

Vicka: I’m not really naughty. The things I have done are mostly standard for my species. You know, the traditional ruining of the carpet as a pup with urine/feces, destroying pillows, etc. No biggie. And as I mentioned, I used to torture my owner’s now wife. I didn’t mean any harm. I’m just a bitch…no, seriously…I’m a female dog. That’s how dogs act. Geez, relax! And there was that whole running away for a couple of hours to chase bunnies and deer, but that was no big deal. I came back.

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