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Dog of the Month-September 2017

Chesney Jablonowski is our Dog of the Month for September. I’ve had the joy of caring for Chesney since he was a tiny puppy. Chesney gives the best hugs and is always happy to see you! He looks very dapper in his many bow ties and is always ready to give you a kiss. Chesney really is Mr. September!

1) My name is Chesney Jablonowski. I am 2 1/2 years old and I live in Mars, Pa with my mom and dad.

2) My favorite food is frozen peanut butter filled Kongs, frozen yogurt treats that mom makes for me or an occasional piece of cheese if I’m lucky enough to snag one!

3) My favorite past time is napping, going for walks (and maybe chasing a few bunnies) or chewing my bones.

4) My biggest pet peeve is when the mailman rings the doorbell and wakes me from my nap!

5) My favorite time of year is probably a tie between the fall and the winter. I love chasing leaves in the fall but the snow in the winter is so fun. I always stick my nose in it.

6) My favorite vacation destination is my Nana and Pap’s house. I get to hang out there when my parents go out of town. I always get lots of belly rubs and get to play with my cousin Charlie.

7) My favorite snuggle spot is in bed between my mom and dad. Sometimes I can be quite the bed hog!

8) The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done was when my parents had friends over for a Christmas party. Four friends were sitting on the couch and I got so excited to see them, I jumped onto the couch and accidentally tinkled on all 4 of them!!

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