Dog of the Month-November 2018

Hi! My name is Brio, short for Brioso, which means “spirited” in Italian. I am a Lagotto Romagnolo – we are known for our great noses and talent for hunting truffles in the wild. I live in Cranberry Township on the edge of the woods where I LOVE chasing everything that moves. I’m also really affectionate and love to cuddle. I’m thinking about growing up to be a therapy dog. Brio is just a love bug and all the sitters are in love with him!

• My favorite food? Human food! Red meat, chicken or fish, please. • My favorite pastime? Cuddle time in the morning and hikes in the woods. We also have fun doing scent training with truffle oil. • My biggest pet peeves? Not getting human food from the dinner table when I want it and that mom and dad keep toilet paper out of my reach. • I haven’t seen snow yet but so far I love the cooler weather of Autumn. • Best vacation destination is our cottage on the Allegheny river in Trunkeyville PA – hiking, swimming, chasing critters, being outside as much as I want – what could be better?! • My favorite snuggle spot? Being in my human mom and dad’s laps. • Naughtiest thing I ever did? Grabbing clothes from the hamper, then running outside with it and playing keep away… in the rain! Yippee! So fun, I try this every day!

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