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Cats of the Quarter-July 2019

We have an adorable pair for Cats of the Quarter. Ferran and Dori are long time clients and we love seeing them when their family travels. Both are friendly and love to make their presence known, please enjoy!

1. What is your name, age, and where do you live? Ferran (7.5 year old Maine Coon) and Dori (6 year old short hair); we live in Cranberry Township with our servants…ahem…family.

2. Describe your purrrfect day. Ferran – lounging on the furniture and being as lazy as possible. Dori – sitting in my window seat snoozing in the sun or watching the birds and bunnies in our backyard.

3. Are you indoor or outdoor? Ferran – indoors. I like the climate controlled air. Dori – indoors, but I think a little outdoor adventure would be fun 😺

4. Favorite place to cat nap? Ferran – armchair in the living room. Dori – window seat in the dining room

5. Favorite food? Ferran – cat treats. Dori – vanilla ice cream

6. Are you people oriented or a loner? Ferran – loner (but I like having people around to fill up my food bowl). Dori – people, especially the tiny hooman that lives with us.

7. What is your biggest pet peeve? Ferran – an empty food bowl. Dori – that pesky red laser dot that I can never catch.

8. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done? Ferran – I tried to climb the Christmas tree and knocked the whole thing over. Dori – when a mouse snuck into our basement, I caught it and brought it upstairs (still alive!) and released it. My mom and dad did not appreciate my gift. After much yelling and screaming, my parents caught the mouse and relocated it outside. I would also like to note that Ferran was no help in catching the mouse.

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