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Cat(s) of the Quarter July 2017

This quarter features not just one cat but a trio of really sweet kitties-Lilly, Zoe and Milo Monahan.

1.  What is your name, age, and where do you live?

          Zoe –  7 years old   Bradfordwoods, PA

         Milo – 6 years old   Bradfordwoods, PA

          Lilly – 6 years old   Bradfordwoods, PA

2.  Describe your purrrfect day.

          Zoe – Laying in the sun, eating dried food, and Milo nowhere in sight

          Milo – Tormenting Zoe and Lilly and then a nap on top of Mommy.

          Lilly – Having Daddy pet and brush me for hours far away from Zoe and Milo.

 3.  Are you indoor or outdoor?

          Zoe – Indoor

          Milo – Indoor

          Lilly – Indoor

 4.  Favorite place to cat nap?

          Zoe – In the sun in the living room …so I can see if Milo is coming to attack me.

          Milo – In the corner on the porch ready to attack Zoe or Lilly if they try to come out on the porch.

          Lilly – On the sofa looking out the front window to watch the chipmunks and to wait for Daddy to come home from work.

5.  Favorite food?

          Zoe – dried cat food and dried fish treats

          Milo – yogurt and fresh catnip leaves

          Lilly – dried fish treats, salmon, and chicken…anything off Daddy’s plate.

 6.  Are you people oriented or a loner?

          Zoe – loner but love Mommy.

          Milo – love all people…especially tasty ones since I like to bite if you stop petting me or aren’t paying   attention.

    Lilly – people oriented but only when they are sitting still.  Love Mommy’s knitting group.

 7.  What is your biggest pet peeve?

          Zoe – Touching me when you have on hand lotion.

          Milo – Zoe whacking me in the head when I am sound asleep.

          Lilly – Trying to pet me downstairs near Zoe and Milo.  I like to be petted in my room upstairs.

 8.  What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

          Zoe – I sometimes attack Lilly if I get upset with Milo attacking me.  I also like to eat ribbons.

          Milo – I love to trash the toilet paper roll.  I unwind it and then wind it back up into a huge clump.  I also love to chomp on anything plastic.

          Lilly – I got outside once…but was terrified and will NEVER do it again.

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