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Blog-December 2019-Wait-It’s December Already?

Wow, it’s December already! Not only is it the last month of the year, it is the last month of the DECADE! Where did the time go?! As I write this in early November, we are in the middle of our first nasty snow storm and “deep freeze”. While it is making my teeth chatter and knuckles white while driving, it is also providing me with plenty of inspiration to write this holiday blog. (I’m getting better at this “glass half full” philosophy).

The holidays brings a certain level of stress, no matter how much we try to plan, so I  decided to make this month’s piece full of fun. Since our  pets don’t have thumbs and can’t write their own lists for Santa, they asked me to lend them a “paw”. Here’s  a buying guide with some great gift ideas for your pets and as always, I like things that also serve a purpose. Most of the toys combat boredom and offer exercise to help with weight management- both big concerns amongst our pets. Some I have tested on my own pack, but some are now on their Santa lists for this year. My research can get costly! I hope you enjoy the list I’ve compiled.

All of us at All Pet and Home Care wish your family a holiday season filled with love, laughter and peace. Here is to a healthy and happy 2020!

Your pet’s holiday gift guide: TOYS: Cat and/or Dog: VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot: Treat Tossing, Schedule Automatic Drives, Manual Play via App, Activity Tracking, Interactive Moving Toy for Cats & Dogs – $99.00 on Amazon or at This was my favorite find when looking for new and fun toys. You can control it from anywhere. And it actually exercises your pet, both mentally and physically. Santa is definitely bringing this to our house! I wonder how it will work with both cats AND a dog?? Accessories are also available. There is a cat wand that can be attached also. All accessories were sold out of their website when I wrote this.

Dog: Bully Buddy: Safety device to grip bully sticks and preventing choking. $22.95 – $39.95 What an ingenious idea! Nothing is more frightening than having your dog choke on a special treat you gave them. This device keeps that from happening. Just tighten the bully stick into the nylon holder and it is ready to go.

Dog Tug tug-of-war toy: $9.99 – $24.95, available on Amazon or anywhere toys are purchased. These tug of war toys have a suction cup on one end so you can attach it to a wall and let your pup go wild! What a great way to combat boredom!

Cat: Butterfly cat toy: This is on our cats’ list this year. The butterfly cat toy is a winner! They retail anywhere from $9.95 to $24.95 and can be found on Amazon or multiple online shops. They have both battery operated or just “cat operatAnd they promise to provide many hours of cat enjoyment! They are available just about everywhere. I have many friends that recommend this toy.

Laser pointers: I should probably list this under cat/dog, but I find it is a cat favorite, paws down! They can be found anywhere, and can cost as little as $1.00 to as much as $50.00. At any price, you are certain to make your money back tenfold!

SAFETY: Dog safety seatbelt- $9.95 -$15.95- A MUST for traveling dogs. They conveniently buckle right into any car’s seat belt. ALWAYS use with a harness, NEVER attach to collar.

Small dog car booster seat- $8.00- $60.00- Our little Pablo loves to take car rides. But at 6 pounds he is not tall enough to look out the window. But he will now when he receives his new booster seat on Christmas morning! These are sturdy “boxes” that safely elevate the dog while keeping them secure in the seat. Available on Amazon and most online pet supply shops.

Dexas Petware Mudbuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner- $14.99- $24.99 I can thank a new All Pet client for showing me this incredible little invention. Not only is this great for removing dirt, mud, debris, it is essential for dogs suffering from seasonal and environmental allergies. If your dog bites at his paws in the spring and fall, add a 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to the paw cleaner and use this every single time your dog comes in from outside. It is an easy and effective way to remove allergens from the paws. If you go on their website, they offer a package with a free towel, also.

NYLON OR COTTON LEASHES $5.00 – $25.00- available everywhere. Retractable leashes are very dangerous. Especially with larger dogs, or dogs not trained well on a leash. I learned this the hard way after seeing my grandmother get tangled in one and taking a very hard fall onto the pavement. She suffered burns on her ankle where the leash wrapped, and was scarred there for the rest of her life. And it could have been so much worse. After that, all retractable leashes were banished from our house. I will tell a secret. When I walk dogs, I sometimes use my own nylon leash over a client’s retractable. I recently visited a local veterinary clinic that had a sign upon entry about retractable leashes not being permitted inside the clinic. There was a hook with leashes for clients to use while there. They also had an explanation as to why they adhere to this policy. I was relieved to see this, as I am rarely popular when I bring this up to people.

TREATS: We love to give our pets treats. So just make sure that they are benefiting them and not a source of stomach upset. Your pets are sure to enjoy any treats you give them as long as they are US-sourced and made, and corn, wheat and soy free. Some of my favorite brands are Bocce’s, Small Batch, Stella and Chewy’s Northwest Naturals. Some brands, such as Small Batch and Northwest Naturals are made for both cats and dogs. Extra convenience in one bag! Prices from $4.99 – $14.99

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