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Cats of the Quarter-October 2017

Albus and Minnie Everly are our Cats of the Quarter. Both are long time clients who we see when their mom and dad travel-they are especially fond of Disney! Minnie loves a good conversation while Albus prefers to rule from his lair under the bench in the master bedroom. Please enjoy reading about Minnie and Albus!

1. What is your name, age, and where do you live?

Albus – My name is Albus. I’m pretty sure that I’m about 14, but one of the humans seems to have misplaced my adoption papers. I live in Adams Township.

Minnie – My name is Minnie. A lady never tells her age. I live with Albus and my humans.

Albus – Fess up! We’re about the same age.

2. Describe your purrrfect day.

Albus – Purrfect day? Easy! Annoy a human at around 5:00am until they get up and add food to my already overflowing food bowl. Herd my mom through her morning routine for a while and then go back to bed with dad until he has to get up. After that, let’s see, it’s pretty much naps, treats, annoy Minnie, treats, cough up a hairball or two on the carpet, treats, wait for the humans to return, treats, hang with the humans, treats, and then race my humans up the stairs to bed.

Minnie: I like to take naps in the sunshine square and cuddle with my humans. Why can’t humans sit still more often?

3. Are you indoor or outdoor?

Albus – Outdoors? Heard of it. Tried it once for about 30 seconds. Didn’t like it. Next question.

Minnie – Spent some time in my early days surviving out there. I am firmly an indoor kitty. Much better here.

4. Favorite place to cat nap?

Albus – Under anything… blankets, sheets, purr pads or in my secret clubhouse. If I can get under it, I’m there. And… I’m completely invisible to the world when I am under something.

Minnie – Hmm… Anywhere the sun is shining in, on top of a nice fluffy blanket, or, if the situation is right, on top of Albus when he thinks he’s invisible.

5. Favorite food?

Albus – Whatever is on my humans’ plates. Don’t usually eat it, but there’s just something so interesting about it.

Minnie – Other than Albus’ treats? I’m a fan of canned tuna and chicken. Maybe it’s just that heavenly “pffft” noise of the can being opened, but I just can’t resist.

6. Are you people oriented or a loner?

Albus – I like my humans very much. Other humans… only the girls. Let’s just say I can be a bit of a flirt.

Minnie – Give me a lap or an opportunity to curl up with one of my humans. I occasionally try to encourage Albus to be a bit more of a loaner.

7. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Albus – Pet peeve? Ha! That’s funny! Head fakes that make me think it’s time to go to bed. I run all the way up the stairs before I turn around and realize that I’m alone. Have to trek back down to the bottom stair and glare at my humans with my best “It’s bedtime!” look. I’m also a bit of a neat freak. Things are supposed to be in their places!

Minnie – Does Albus count as a pet peeve? Other than that, it’s probably humans that don’t understand sitting still for me to curl up with them. What’s with needing to get up every several hours? They could learn a lot from cats about the art of chilling out for extended periods of time.

8. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Albus – I’d like to take the Fifth. Not that there’s any guilt.

Minnie – Let’s just say that the last two steps to get into the litter box are sometimes just too daunting a challenge.

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