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Bryant Mobile Veterinary Care offers routine wellness checkups, diagnostic workups for sick patients, ongoing treatments for chronic conditions, and surgeries. If warranted, Dr. Bryant has the ability to admit and care for pets in a local full service veterinary hospital and will even provide your pet’s transportation.

Katherine M. Bryant, DVM, Inc.
Wexford, PA   724-612-4804


Dog Trainer:

Family Dog’s specialty is helping the family dog in a variety of areas, and is performed as full-time employment by Val Klein.

Val Klein, N.A.D.O.I. Endorsed
Family Dog Obedience


Pet Sitters:

Steel City Pet Sitters


Pet Care

Optimize pet health, happiness, and longevity through natural species-appropriate nutrition and proactive wellness care.

The Holistic Houndry



ASPCA Animal Poison Control

Poisons in the Home, Which Plants Are Safe for Your Pet?, Poison Safety Tips


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