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This page is dedicated to local businesses we use and love. We receive no advertising compensation from any of them, we just love them and think you will too.

J. Hodge Remodeling

Of course we love this business, this is Maureen’s husband! Unfortunately he does not have a website, he is just too busy and she is too busy to take on having it built for now. James  has plenty of local references and his schedule is always full, but trust us, he and his team are worth the wait. James and his crew preform interior and exterior remodeling as well as income property rehabilitation. Give him a call at 724-816-3542.

Studio Z Yoga

I was very excited when a yoga studio opened in Zelienople. I don’t know about you but I always need yoga in my life. Let me clarify that does not mean I am as consistent as I want to be about practicing yoga but it something that I mentally, emotionally, and physically know my body can really never ever get enough of. Once I went in and met Melissa, the owner, my love for her and Studio Z grew. I started going to the studio frequently when it first opened and, as usual for me when things get busy, it tended to slip off my schedule. I would drive by on my way to or from work and it would haunt me that I had not been in the studio for quite some time. I was almost embarrassed when I signed up for class again because it has been so long. There is no shame in Studio Z. I had nothing to feel bad about. It was so nice to see everyone again and get back to class. Melissa and her instructors are so warm, welcoming, and willing to help and listen. Not to mention they play THE BEST music in class.

The Rollaway Dog Café 

The Rollaway Dog Café  is the brain child of Rae and Brian McStay and their two friends and partners, Elizabeth Straub and Maureen Laniewski.

Elizabeth “Ann” Straub is a biologist by trade and used to research human medicine and disease for Glaxo Smith Kline in Montana. She also studied the integration of wolves at the University of Montana. Did you know that the digestive system of a wolf is the same as a dog?!! Ann quit her day job because her animals were so afflicted by medical issues she decided to research pet nutrition  and health. Ann could not wait to share her new-found love and wisdom and so her  store, The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center, was born!!! She has two locations in Harmony, PA and Missoula Montana.

Shortly after the Harmony location opened, Ann met and befriended Maureen who owned a local pet sitting service, All Pet & Home Care, operating in the suburbs north of Pittsburgh. Maureen joins Ann working in the store whenever she can.

As The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center began to grow Ann realized the need for a store manager… enter Rae McStay. Rae and her husband Brian bought a food truck years ago with hopes of moving south and opening a healthy food cart. Rumor has it she makes a pretty mean hummus and guacamole! Unfortunately for them those dreams were put on hold. Fast forward to the summer of 2017 when  Rae, Maureen, and Ann were chatting in the store and Rae casually mentions how fun it would be to create a food truck for dogs and The Rollaway Dog Café  was born! The Rollaway Dog Café is two things in one- it’s a food truck for dogs and a pop-up store. We have lots of items your pup can come up to our window to order and eat right on the spot; and around our cart we stock  unique take away treats for your dog that you may not find at your local pet store. What makes us even more unique is everything we make and sell is nutritionally superior and natural. We are passionate about what we do and look forward to serving man’s best friend!